Looking for a creative concept for your catering event, cookbook, restaurant or advertising campaign? Be original! I create food art based on different kinds of ingrediënts and recipes, in various categories and styles.


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Corona-proof on location or online!

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The Sun 
The Daily Star 

Different sorts of flowers, plants and trees, but especially animals, processed in various dishes.

A playful and unusual approach of the concept of foodstyling,  in the shape of portraits and different objects.

Monuments, typical views en skylines from cities op based on all kinds of ingrediënts.

This is how I started my website: plating design of all kinds of recipes, from starters to desserts.



A year ago I started a website about 5 menus to cook ahead for different days, very handy if you don't want to spend every day in the kitchen. During my search for nice pictures of the dishes, I decided to design and photograph the plates myself. I didn't want to make boring pictures, so I let my creativity loose. This got a bit out of hand, ending in animals, skylines and portraits. I am a graphic designer by training so that's why :)


My kids encouraged me to post this on Instagram, where I don't even have an account yet, and this ended in an unexpected 16,000 followers!

Usually I have a particular person or animal in mind and look for inspiration what we have in the fridge. Everything I use is edible and I try to combine as many different ingredients as possible. Each plate takes 2 to 4 hours to finish, depending on the design and ingredients of course.


After various features on Bored Panda, My Modern Met, Marie Claire etc. and interviews on TV Ukraine, VTM news, the VRT and TVL at the beginning of 2020, I received all kinds of requests for assignments and workshops. I have performed a large part of it, some have been postponed due to Covid-19 and are still planned in the future. I am currently working on various workshops, and I have a book and a calendar planned.

Contact me for non-binding information about designs for social media, catering, prints, workshops, etc.!




my services

Custom made designs for your business! Let me illustrate your magazine, cookbook, poster, logo or menu!


Cover for a German magazine, to go with an article about the animals in the food industry

Boost your social media with a special post made by de Meal Prepper!

This delicious cake in the shape of Bing Bunny's house I baked for CBeebies, for the occasion of National Baking Day

Custom made workshops, for adults and children. Corona proof on location or online via Zoom!

28-10-2020: CC Aartselaar

12-11-2020: CC Paal

14-11-2020: City of Beringen (online) 

Collaborate with me! I can process your tableware, baking products, foods, or brand in my food art.  

I made this Paddington Bear on a bamboo plate for Bubba Boo.

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